Superpower Sesh


Time Commitment: 2.5 hours // Online or In-Person (Denver, Boulder)

Over the course of this unique 2.5-hour session, you’ll work one-on-one with Kat to dive deep and uncover your Superpower. This is a very personal and intimate process that will help you gain clarity on your Self, your Power, and how to bring it to life in the most powerful and fulfilling way possible.

How It Works


First, through a series of questions and reflections, we’ll dive deep to uncover your unique Superpower and how it shows up in your life and work.


Once we’ve uncovered your Superpower, we explore the relationships, activities, and projects that energize you and put you in the flow of your power as well as the types of tasks, relationships, and projects that drain you and leave you feeling depleted.


In this final portion, you’ll learn how to tell your Story so that you attract the right people, work and opportunities. You’ll also learn a framework to decipher when you’ve veered away from your Power and how to get back on track.

When you’re clear on your Superpower you:

  • Easily discern which roles, opportunities, and activities bring you the greatest fulfillment

  • Align with opportunities and jobs that allow you to do your best work

  • Communicate your value with purpose and confidence

  • Pursue work, relationships, and opportunities that bring you to life and make the greatest impact

You’ll walk away from the session with:

  • A clear understanding and appreciation of your unique Superpower

  • A roadmap for integrating that power so that you live your best life and do your best work

  • Tools to help you re-align with your Superpower if you find yourself off course

Cost: $1,200

*Includes 2.5 hour session with Kat, guiding questions and follow ups, and access to online course content - a $5,000 value)



More interested in a group setting?