Story Coaching



What the * eff * is a story coach and do i need one?

As a Story Coach, I work with professionals, entrepreneurs, speakers, writers, and artists to bring their expertise, experience, and unique perspective into the world through authentic and powerful storytelling. 

Think of it this way: You have a beautiful, powerful vehicle (your experience, knowledge, creativity, and expertise) that has the ability to get you anywhere you want to go in your life. However, that vehicle does no good for you or the world if it just sits in the driveway unused. You must start the engine.  I, your Story Coach, act as the ignition for you to get your (Story) Engine running. Click here to read more about your Story Engine.

You’ll benefit from story coaching if…

  • You are in a period of transition (personally or professionally) and unsure of what’s next

  • You need help uncovering your Superpower and bringing it to life in your work

  • You are starting or have started a business and need to be able to talk about yourself and your business in a cohesive way

  • You have been asked to speak in public and need help refining and telling your story in the most powerful way possible

  • You are embarking on a creative endeavor and need help clarifying your story and vision

  • You are job-searching and need to be able to interview like a rockstar

  • You’re writing a book and are unsure of how to organize your thoughts into a compelling narrative

What can I expect to walk away with?

  1. Core Story Clarity - Clarity on your personal story and the golden thread that ties it all together

  2. Superpower Training - An understanding of your Superpower and how to bring it into the world effectively

  3. Uber Confidence - Renewed passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to your life, work, and everything in between

  4. Lifetime Access to the Story School - Around here, we’re nothing if not practical. You’ll receive lifetime access to our ever-growing Story School (a $1,000 value) which is chock full of storytelling frameworks, trainings, and secrets so that you have the confidence to tell your damn story for life

What’s the time commitment?

My clients get the best results when we work together over the course of at least 3 months. It is for this reason that I require a minimum of 3 months of coaching to ensure that we have enough time to really make things happen. The first 2 sessions are 90 minutes in length and each following session is 50 minutes. Sessions can take place in-person (Denver-based) or over video.

How much does it cost?

Coaching packages are as follows:

3 Month Coaching Package (6 one-on-one sessions) : $3,500

5 Month Coaching Package (10 one-on-one sessions) : $5,000

I’m interested! How do I get started?

Wonderful! Please click on the link below to complete a short questionnaire. This will help me get a feel for your needs and ensure that I’m the right person to help.

In most cases, you will hear back from me within 48 hours. SO looking forward to meeting you!

I have some questions, can we chat?

Yep! Please complete the questionnaire above and then sign up for a 20 minute Discovery call here!

What people are saying...

Kat has meticulously designed her one-on-one sessions so you free yourself from distractions and scattered ideas and refocus on your “Why”. After my two sessions with her I realized how many things changed, unintentionally, within my organization that were pulling us away from achieving our mission and telling our true story. Her genuinely curious, thorough and thoughtful questions helped me identify very quickly what needed to change and what the focus of our message and story should be - starting tomorrow! Within 48 hours, after some long brainstorming sessions, I had full clarity on how to tell 109’s story; a doable list of action items and a solid rebranding strategy. Most importantly, her sessions left me with the belief that we playing small does not serve the world. We are all meant to shine through our stories, not just some of us, all of us.

- Leticia Gozalez-Reyes | 109 World

Kat is clearly doing her soul work; she is the gardener of your story, and her tools are intuition and loving guidance. She will gather up the truth inside you that you’ve been longing to meet and plant it (and it is, as always, up to you to water it). The tangible things she gives you to leave with are truly gifts from a wise woman—every person wanting to connect more deeply to themselves, their bodies, their mission on the planet and their Truth could benefit from a story session with her. Thank you for this blessing, Kat!

- Amy Segreti | Live All of You

After a year of feeling stuck, in under 2 hours with Kat, I was able to rediscover my “why”, brainstorm names for my organization and determine the purpose of my online presence. I definitely left with tools to tell my damn story with a lot more confidence.

- Lindsay Y. | Working Professional

Everyone knows a good story when they see or hear one. But figuring out your own story or that of your company is incredibly hard. That’s where Kat comes in. She will help you identify and clarify your story and brand. She will pinpoint your message before you even knew you had one. After working with Kat you will see your brand with fresh eyes and will gain a new perspective and that’s so impactful. Most importantly, she brings passion and innovation and deeply cares about your mission and success.

- Zarko Palankov | LeadIn

In a word, Kat is insightful. My brand story was drifting as my business evolved, and I needed help to get on course. Working with Kat was the right decision. Kat asked thought-provoking questions and listened deeply to pull out the nuggets of truth that my clients need to hear. Within a week, I had clarity on my story and a solid marketing strategy. If you have a chance to work with Kat - do it!

- Kimberly Kosmenko | Kosmenko & Co.

Kat delivers kind, calming clarity. She is the person to turn to when your own scattered ideas are slipping through your fingers. Her thorough and thoughtful investigation into Free Body Project is helping our team unravel the important threads of our story to re-weave something magnificent.

- Sydney Skov | The Free Body Project