Why Stories?

Telling the right story is magic.

The right story has the power to guide your career, business,

and life to the highest potential.


Your story is your superpower. 

Your story is unique to you. 

There is not another soul on earth with the exact same recipe of skills, gifts, and experiences. Why waste your time telling someone else's story when yours is brand new?

Whether you are pursuing a career or building a business, your story is the compass that will guide you in the right (or wrong) direction.

The right story makes the right things happen. 

We don't always have control over what the world throws at us, but we ALWAYS have control over the story we choose to tell. 

Your story won't be for everyone and it shouldn't be. Your story should resonate with the customers, employers, and opportunities that are aligned with your vision for the world. 



Stories connect us to our work and each other. 

Once you uncover your Core Story, you can use that story as a treasure map to guide you in everything you do. Your Core Story will open up infinite possibility, and will likely take you down paths you haven't even thought of yet. 

When you let your story lead the way, you will be guided to your highest potential and derive the most lasting fulfillment from you work.