Everyone in LA has their life together

I’m in LA to speak at StartingBloc (one of my favorite organizations on the planet) and have elected to stay at an Airbnb in the heart of Venice Beach. I’m going on day 2 and, in short, the Airbnb is impossibly cute, the people are impossibly beautiful, the shops are impossibly chic and after 48 hours in this perfectly designed hipster paradise, I’m starting to get a little itchy.

As someone who grew up in New Mexico where the houses are literally made out of cemented mud (adobe, if you’re curious), this change of scenery is a little too much to take.

You know that feeling you get when you open up Instagram? That little voice that pops up in the back of your mind that says are you SURE you want to spend your time doing this?

That’s how I feel in LA right now.

I wouldn’t know where to begin to make my life and home and body and soul squeaky clean enough to belong here. If I somehow managed to style my hair in that perfectly undone-done way, I’m sure that my jeans would look a little too much like my mother’s. If I was able to fill my body only with vegan, non-GMO superfoods, I’m sure I would act a little too much like I cared.

So, all this to say that LA makes me feel a little crazy and insecure for not seeing a single way that any of these adorable tchotchkes could fit into my beautiful, messy little life.

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