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The story that lasts

The story that lasts

Isn’t it frustrating that we can’t possibly have it all figured out right away?

Whether we start a company, blog, book, new relationship, job, there is inevitably a learning curve involved.

Something we’re so certain of today falls apart tomorrow. And, if we listen closely enough, something better emerges from that falling apart.

I think there is a lot of hope in that. Even liberation.

Whenever I come across a new blog, I always go straight to the archives, back to the first post they ever wrote.

I love to see the contrast, the timidness or boldness, the clunky design, the lack of cohesion. Then I fast forward through the years and see the story really start to take shape.

The writer finds their footing, yes, they cultivate a voice that is sustainable and resonates with the right people. This is inspiring but what’s more inspiring to me is that they continued on. They pushed through the confusion, doubt, distraction, failure and came out the other side stronger for it.

When I look back at my old writing, sometimes I cringe at the naiveté and earnestness. Then I remember that I’m here, back at the desk, because I once took that step into the unknown and fumbled around long enough to say something, anything. And, that anything led to me starting my own brand.

So, I ask you, what is the story you want to start? And, are you willing to stick around long enough to uncover the story that lasts?

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Why is patience a virtue?

Why is patience a virtue?

Single serving stories

Single serving stories