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Single serving stories

Single serving stories

Is it just me or are single serving stories showing up everywhere?

Single serving stories are processed, packaged responses to emails, memos, and messages.

These shortcuts make me sad.

Just like a tiny, single serving thimble of processed ‘creamer’ is sad, so are these pre-baked responses.

This wave of automation is the new Hallmark greeting card. You know, the one with the cursive sentiment that you quickly sign your name below? At least those had a smidge of authenticity if only in the confines of a penned signature.

Now we have prompted responses AND an automatic signature.

It feels important to fight back.

My inner-storyteller gets all up in arms when Gmail prompts me to complete my sentences in a certain way.

That’s not my voice! If this person received that response they would be convinced that my email had been taken over by aliens.

All this to shave off mere seconds?

At what cost?

Today I urge you to fight back. Fight for real connection. Fight for your voice.

There will be a day, in the not-so-distant future, that your humanness will be what sets you apart.

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