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Did you know your Story is your superpower?

It is the bridge between who you are and what you want. Storytelling helps you spread your ideas, attract the right people and opportunities, and create energy and momentum in your work and life.


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We help you wield your power.

Through workshops, retreats, and online courses we help you uncover, structure, and share your Story to create success, fulfillment, and impact


Tell us a little bit about you.

I’m an Individual

Through one-on-one Superpower Sessions, group workshops, and online courses, we help you uncover your Superpower and share it with the world. Uncovering your Superpower + learning to tell your Story will lead to greater impact, fulfillment, and success in your work and life.

I’m a Business

Your team is full of Superheroes. When each team member knows their Superpower and understands how to most effectively wield it in their work, your business shines from the inside out. Through our specially designed programming, we help your employees harness their powers and love their work.

I have a Special Project

Great storytelling benefits many diverse projects and opportunities. We’re always looking for amazing and impactful projects to support. If you’ve got a cool project, click the link below to complete a short questionnaire. We’ll be in touch very soon. Thanks for thinking of us!

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Hi, I'm Kat.

I founded Tell Your Damn Story to help individuals and teams uncover their Superpowers and harness those powers to make the right things happen in their work, business, and life. Storytelling is the language of the future. My goal is to make the world fluent.

My Superpower ->

I create the space for truth to emerge.

I wield this power through Storytelling and helping individuals and businesses reveal their truth: the Superpower and Story that will give them wings.

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There is no greater agony than an untold story inside of you.

| Maya Angelou |


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