Creative Pursuit Coaching

Get your big idea out of your head and into the world.

Over the course of 6 sessions, we’ll take your idea from ‘sounds like fun’ to DONE.

Coaching includes…

  • 7 hours of one-on-one in-person / video coaching with Kat

  • A 80-page Custom Workbook (to keep track of your ideas, insights, and breakthroughs)

  • My Story Framework E-Book (to refer to again and again long after our sessions have concluded)

  • An invite into our private Core Storytellers Facebook Group

  • $50 Story check-up calls with Kat for life

Session 1 | ‘Convene’

* FREE 20 minute discovery call *

This 2o minute call is FREE and will help me get to know you, hear more about your idea, and ensure that I’m the right person to help you get it out into the world.

Session 2 | ‘Clarify’

Our work together begins with UNCOVERING AND CLARIFYING what you want and why you want it.

Using a framework that I’ve been designing for 5 years, we’ll uncover the driving force behind your work and form your idea into a super specific and actionable goal.

Time Commitment :

1 hour of in-person/video time

What you’ll walk away with:

A crystal clear understanding of what the hell you’re doing!

session 3 | ‘contain’

In this session, we’ll take that specific idea and begin to formulate a ‘container’ for bring it to life. This can be in the form of a content calendar, launch plan, chapter outline, or implementation strategy.

We’ll do my patented ‘Story Storm’ together to embrace creative chaos and mold that creative gold into cohesion.

Time Commitment :

1.5 hours of in-person/video time

What you’ll walk away with:

A combination of relief (due to getting your vision out of your head), excitement (at all the clarity you have around your idea), and energy (around knowing what you need to do to make it happen)

Session 4 | ‘construct’

In this session, we’ll dive deeper into the container we created in Session 3 and infuse more details, stories, and information. After this session, you will be free to start implementing the work and taking serious, intentional action.

Time Commitment:

1 hour of in-person/video time

What you’ll walk away with:

The tools you need to start making it happen!

Session 5 | ‘create’

In this session, we’ll take a look at your progress and address any roadblocks or resistance. We can also work through any areas where you’re feeling stuck and adjust them so that the work flows.

Time Commitment:

45 minutes of in-person/video time

What you’ll walk away with:

Confidence, answers to your questions, and encouragement

Session 6 | ‘Consist’

Our final session takes place around a month after you have started to bring your idea to life. We’ll design a plan for growth + momentum (this can be a marketing plan, communication strategy, hiring plan, or editorial calendar).

Time Commitment:

1.5 hours of in-person/video time

What you’ll walk away with:

The plan, tools, and confidence to sustain and grow your creative pursuit. Congratulations! You’re in flight!

The investment: $3,750

*If you decide you want to start with Core Story Coaching and build a strong Core Story before embarking on your creative journey, you’ll receive $750 off this coaching package!

A few examples of how I can help |


For bloggers, vloggers, and podcasters. You have so many ideas for content, interview series, and posts and it can be overwhelming to try to organize it into a powerful content engine. Let's work together to organize all of your good ideas and give your growing follower list something to be really excited to read/watch and share.


Let's work together to get your story out of your head and onto the page. We'll work together to design a compelling narrative arc for your memoir or non-fiction book. You'll walk away with a cohesive outline and the tools to fill it with your unique and badass story. 


Here, we'll work together to hone and condense multiple story lines into a compelling narrative suitable for film. You'll walk away with a complete storyboard as well as guiding questions for interviews. 


Here, we'll get you stage ready but uncovering your 'signature talk series'. We'll comb through your personal stories and professional insights to find the most inspiring and wow-inducing narratives to educate and delight your audiences. 


This is for entrepreneurs and business owners with established businesses who need help integrating Story into the greater scope of their business.

For team development design, I conduct Core Story Deep Dives with each member of your team to ensure that your company is running like a well-oiled machine and your team is fulfilled and connected with their individual roles and the Why of your business as a whole. 

For the messaging design, I conduct Core Story Deep Dives with each lead member of your executive/marketing team and then bring the group together to build a powerful, aligned story engine for your business. 

*The cost of this package will shift based on size of team and your company's unique needs

What this isn't...

  • A one-size-fits-all approach to professional storytelling. Each session is custom-designed to meet your unique needs

  • A golden ticket. Our work together will give you the tools, clarity, and confidence to bring your work into the world in the most powerful way possible. From there, it's up to you to do the work of taking the action steps that we set in place and bringing your work to life.

  • A small commitment. We'll be working together for 6.5 hours in-person/over video over the course of around 2 months. It's completely worth your time, but you have to be willing to show up fully.

what people are saying |

“Kat Smith has meticulously designed her one-on-one sessions so you free yourself from distractions and scattered ideas and refocus on your “Why”. After my two sessions with her I realized how many things changed, unintentionally, within my organization that were pulling us away from achieving our mission and telling our true story. Her genuinely curious, thorough and thoughtful questions helped me identify very quickly what needed to change and what the focus of our message and story should be - starting tomorrow! Within 48 hours, after some long brainstorming sessions, I had full clarity on how to tell 109’s story; a doable list of action items and a solid rebranding strategy. Most importantly, her sessions left me with the belief that we playing small does not serve the world. We are all meant to shine through our stories, not just some of us, all of us.”

— Leticia Gonzalez-Reyes | 109 World

“Kat is clearly doing her soul work; she is the gardener of your story, and her tools are intuition and loving guidance. She will gather up the truth inside you that you’ve been longing to meet and plant it (and it is, as always, up to you to water it). The tangible things she gives you to leave with are truly gifts from a wise woman—every person wanting to connect more deeply to themselves, their bodies, their mission on the planet and their Truth could benefit from a story session with her. Thank you for this blessing, Kat!”

— Amy Segreti | Live All of You

“Kat delivers kind, calming clarity. She is the person to turn to when your own scattered ideas are slipping through your fingers. Her thorough and thoughtful investigation into Free Body Project is helping our team unravel the important threads of our story to re-weave something magnificent. ”

— Sydney Skov | The Free Body Project

“Everyone knows a good story when they see or hear one. But figuring out your own story or that of your company is incredibly hard. That’s where Kat comes in. She will help you identify and clarify your story and brand. She will pinpoint your message before you even knew you had one. After working with Kat you will see your brand with fresh eyes and will gain a new perspective and that’s so impactful. Most importantly, she brings passion and innovation and deeply cares about your mission and success.”

— Zarko Palankov | LEADIN

“In a word, Kat Smith is insightful. My brand story was drifting as my business evolved, and I needed help to get on course. Working with Kat was the right decision. Kat asked thought-provoking questions and listened deeply to pull out the nuggets of truth that my clients need to hear. Within a week, I had clarity on my story and a solid marketing strategy. If you have a chance to work with Kat - do it!”

— Kimberly Kosmenko | Kosmenko & Co.

“I signed up for the Storytelling Ninja workshop hoping to learn some basic information about storytelling. I left with vastly more. After a year of feeling stuck, in under 2 hours with Kat, I was able to rediscover my “why”, brainstorm names for my organization and determine the purpose of my online presence. I definitely left with tools to tell my damn story with a lot more confidence.”

— Lindsay Y.

“Kat’s workshop fell in that perfect spot of educational and personal – I left feeling like I had a better sense of brands in general, as well as how to develop mine.”

— Amy L.