Core Story for Business


The OG of tell your damn story! This is the session that started it all and I recommend that you start here before taking another step in your business. The right story attracts the right customers, team members, partners, and opportunities. Let's work together to find the Core Story of your business and start telling that story to the people who are want to be a part of your tribe. 

This is for you if...

  • You're planning to start or have already started a business and are in the early stages of branding or re-branding

  • You're the Founder, CEO, or Executive Director of your organization

  • You already have a brand but it isn't working and you need a fresh perspective
  • You want to really connect with your audience and keep them for life
  • You have way too many ideas and no idea where to start or how to make them coheisive
  • You're experiencing a lot of turnover on your team because you're not hiring for your core 'why'


How it works...

  • Using a process that I have been designing for five years, we will work together one-on-one to uncover the gold that is your core message
  • Over the course of 4 sessions (12 hours of in-person / video time together) we will get everything out of your head and onto colorful sticky notes. From there, we will work together to carefully narrow down your story based on three things:
    • Your Core Story - the ultimate mission and heart behind what you do and why you exist
    • Your Rally Cry - a way to talk about what you do so that the right people/customers/employees/partners are attracted to it
    • Your Treasure Map - a breakdown of what success looks like in your organization and the world


What you'll get...

  • 12 Hours of in-person / video collaboration with Kat
  • A custom questionnaire to complete before the session so we are 100% clear on your desired outcomes and deliverables
  • A customized process through which to uncover the Core Story of your brand and mission
  • A clear value proposition that resonates with your target audience
  • An audio recording of our sessions
  • A complete packet that includes your Core Story, Rally Cry, and Treasure Map
  • Access to $50, 30 minute Story Checkup calls with Kat for life


What people are saying...

In a word, Kat Smith is insightful. My brand story was drifting as my business evolved, and I needed help to get on course. Working with Kat was the right decision. Kat asked thought-provoking questions and listened deeply to pull out the nuggets of truth that my clients need to hear. Within a week, I had clarity on my story and a solid marketing strategy. If you have a chance to work with Kat - do it!
- Kimberly Kosmenko |
Kat Smith has meticulously designed her one-on-one sessions so you free yourself from distractions and scattered ideas and refocus on your “Why”. After my two sessions with her I realized how many things changed, unintentionally, within my organization that were pulling us away from achieving our mission and telling our true story. Her genuinely curious, thorough and thoughtful questions helped me identify very quickly what needed to change and what the focus of our message and story should be - starting tomorrow! Within 48 hours, after some long brainstorming sessions, I had full clarity on how to tell 109’s story; a doable list of action items and a solid rebranding strategy. Most importantly, her sessions left me with the belief that we playing small does not serve the world. We are all meant to shine through our stories, not just some of us, all of us.
- Leticia Gonzalez-Reyes | 109 World


What this isn't...

  • A place to start if you have no idea what your business will be - if this sounds like you, I recommend doing a Core Story Deep Dive for Individuals so you can get clear on what you want to do next
  • A complete brand re-design. We will work together to get clear on your core message, it's up to you to integrate it into your website, marketing, and social media.
  • A small commitment. We will be spending a good amount of time together one-on-one and you will get out of this what you put in. 




What it costs: Packages start at $5,000 (custom orders upon request)


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