Curiosity pays off...

I'm so so so so excited that you have decided to take me up on my exclusive offer! 

So, what is it?

I am offering Personalized Brand Audits at a crazy discount*

*This exclusive offer expires in 48 hours


Let's talk details...

  • A brand audit is the best money you will spend on your business this year. Guaranteed.
  • For a VERY small amount of money, I will review 3 branding items of your choice (web pages, marketing materials, packaging, social media pages, etc...) and give you detailed feedback and suggestions on how to improve your brand story, create cohesion across your platforms, and connect with the people you want to be buying your product/service. 
  • You will walk away with actionable steps to improve your brand.
  • Plus, it's all for less than your monthly coffee budget!

Why work with me...

  • I am a branding and storytelling expert with over 10 years of experience under my belt! (Read my story here)
  • I have an eye for stories and narratives that sell. Plus, I'm really good at seeing the big picture and helping clients create the right messaging to make their business dreams come true. 
  • I have clients that pay me $1,500+ for my services but I know that not everyone has that kind of budget. My life's work is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs tell the right story to create a strong, profitable brand. The world needs your genius and I want to help you get noticed! 
In a word, Kat Smith is insightful. My brand story was drifting as my business evolved, and I needed help to get on course. Working with Kat was the right decision. Kat asked thought-provoking questions and listened deeply to pull out the nuggets of truth that my clients need to hear. Within a week, I had clarity on my story and a solid marketing strategy. If you have a chance to work with Kat - do it!
— Kimberly Kosmenko |


What you get...


Review of 3 Branding Items

You'll choose 3 branding items (can be any combination of website, social media, blog, advertisements, etc...) and I will review them based on your responses to my Get-to-know-you questionnaire. If I am reviewing your website, I can review up to 3 pages. 

Tailored Feedback + Action Items

Within two weeks, I will provide you with my feedback and action items for improving your overall story and messaging. I will also send a video of my feedback and 3+ action items for improving your brand. 

Video Recording of my Assessment

Lastly, you'll receive a video recording of my complete assessment! I always feel like email is too impersonal. I want you to know that a real live human (me) is helping you improve your brand! Plus, I can walk you through my feedback step-by-step.


I signed up for the Storytelling Ninja workshop hoping to learn some basic information about storytelling. I left with vastly more. After a year of feeling stuck, in under 2 hours with Kat, I was able to rediscover my “why”, brainstorm names for my organization and determine the purpose of my online presence. I definitely left with tools to tell my damn story with a lot more confidence.
— Lindsay Y.

What You Won't Get...

  • I will not redesign your messaging for you, I will give you the tools and it's up to you to put them into action
  • Run-of-the-mill feedback - I am going to be completely honest with you about what I think you need to do to improve your brand


**I sell Personalized Brand Reviews for $449 on my website, I am giving it to you for a 77% discount for the next 48 hours. Once it's gone it's gone. This will be the best thing you do for your business this year. 

Tired of banging your head against a wall?

Tired of struggling to create a compelling brand for your awesome product or service? 

Tired of not connecting with the audience you want?

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