Why I say 'no' to awesome things

Today I was connected to a brilliant scientist. She was looking to compile her lifetime of atmospheric research into a book. Pretty cool, right? As we talked, it became more and more clear that she was looking for a ghostwriter. Nearly every part of me wanted to say yes.

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Why is patience a virtue?

My entire life I have been told that patience is a virtue. I’m sure you have too. This word has come up with such alarming consistency this week that I had no choice but to dive deeper and make it the Weekly Word. Patience is a balm that I have spread on myself for years. This is why I was so startled when I learned that the Latin origin of the word is ‘suffering’.

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The story that lasts

Isn’t it frustrating that we can’t possibly have it all figured out right away? Whether we start a company, blog, book, new relationship, job, there is inevitably a learning curve involved. Something we’re so certain of today falls apart tomorrow. And, if we listen closely enough, something better emerges from that falling apart.

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How to stay stuck

Last night, I went to a holiday party. I found myself next to the hors d'oeuvres talking to a woman whom I’ve met a few times before. We settled into a conversation about pets (a popular topic among acquaintances). It didn’t take me long to realize that I was conversing with a walking Story Trap.

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Curiosity killed the story trap

Sometimes life hits a standstill. It doesn’t matter if you are living your dream career or married to the love of your life or traveling to exotic locals on a regular basis, inertia settles in to even the most abundant of lifestyles. I like to call this the Story Trap.

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