90 Minute Story Sesh


Perfect for:

Students, Job-Seekers, Professionals, Career Changers, Networkers

Time Commitment:  

A short, preliminary questionnaire (5 questions) + 90 minute video call with Kat

Cost: $350

(Need more time? Add another hour for $100)

What you'll walk away with:

A clear, concise way to talk about what you do and why you do it


Why it works

1. You'll Answer the Right Questions

You'll be asked to answer 5 tailored questions before the call that will get you thinking differently about your professional story, experience, and goals moving forward. It's likely that no one has ever asked you these questions before so be prepared to put on your thinking / dreaming cap. 

2. We'll Talk It Through

Why is it so easy to see others clearly but so hard to find that same clarity for ourselves? During our 90 minute call, we will dive into your answers to the 5 questions, get clear on what you're really working towards and formulate a kickass story that supports it. 

3. We'll Uncover the Big Picture

You'll walk away from our call ready to talk about what you do with confidence, clarity, and passion. Your mission will be so clear that even your grandmother will understand why you do what you do! Once we hang up, you'll have a clear and concise professional story to use anytime and anywhere.


Oh, and one more thing...

After the call, if you decide you want to dive deeper into your story and do a Core Story Deep Dive, the $350 will go towards the cost of the session.

Pretty cool right? 

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