you look like you have a great



Core Sto·ry


1. the driving force behind the person you are, the work you do, and the impact you have

2. fuels the narrative that you share with the world - the one that moves you towards your highest purpose

3. your guiding light, your North Star, essentially, your superpower


Hi, I'm Kat. 

I'm an entrepreneur, writer,  and professional storyteller. My work - and this site - is dedicated to helping you uncover your Core Story and harness it's power to make the right things happen in your career, business, and life. 

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Does this sound like you?

  • You're stuck on a professional 'hamster wheel' of unfulfillment, discontent, and confusion
  • You're starting/have started a business and have lost sight of your 'why'
  • You're a documentary filmmaker and need help tying multiple story lines together into a compelling film
  • You're in the midst of a life transition and need clarity to move forward with confidence
  • You're writing a non-fiction book and don't know how to organize your thoughts into cohesion 
  • You're a speaker and need help designing and refining your message into a powerful narrative


If you answered holy shit, that's me! to one (or more) of these, you're probably going to like it here...

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Why stories?

stories are universal

If you are a human on planet earth you have a story. Better yet, you have a unique-never-been-heard story. Your Core Story is the heart of why you exist and what you're here to do.

Stories are powerful

Your story is either giving you wings and lifting your life/career/business to its highest potential OR it's weighing you down like a ball and chain.  *Applies to humans + businesses.

stories connect us

Core Stories connect us to each other, our work, our audience, and our purpose. Your Core Story defines the impact you have today and the legacy you'll leave tomorrow.


There is no greater agony than an untold story inside of you.

| Maya Angelou |