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from me to you

I spent the entirety of my 20's telling the wrong story. 

By the time I hit 30, I was overworked, underpaid, and more lost and confused than ever before. 

Without realizing it, my narrative was one of fear, scarcity, and defeat. And my career and life reflected exactly that. 

My wakeup call appeared in the form of a stomach ulcer. I was at a job I hated, terrified to leave the security of it, and stressing myself sick. I had ignored the gnawing pain in my gut for so long that it literally tore a hole in my stomach. 

While laying on a stretcher in Urgent Care, a quiet, powerful question popped into my head:

How did I get here?

Was I inherently unworthy of success? No. 

Was I stupid or incapable? No. 

Was I doomed to a life of unfulfilling work? No. 

I was just telling the wrong damn story. 

Perhaps you're experiencing disconnect in your business or career, perhaps the right things just aren't happening and you don't know why. 

I've been there, and know how to help. 

Can't wait to get started,



the mission

to help 10,000 professionals and entrepreneurs uncover the driving story behind their work, build a badass career or business, and move the world forward in The way only they can.

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