you look like you have a great


Now, let's get it out into the world...




1. the worldly expression of your soul’s calling by way of creative pursuit, professional journey, and legacy

2. the unique recipe of experiences, strengths, weaknesses, habits, and origins that make you into the human that you are

3. a tool that guides you to your best life and highest purpose


Hi, I'm Kat.

I'm an entrepreneur, writer, and Story Coach. My work - and this site - is dedicated to helping you uncover, structure, and express your Story in the most powerful way possible.

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We help you harness the power of storytelling to heal your internal narratives, uncover your voice, and get your big ideas into the world.


How we do it

1. uncover

If you are a human on planet earth you have a Story. Better yet, you have a unique-never-been-heard Story. We start by getting super duper clear on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

2. Structure

Creativity is, in its essence, chaos. When we have a spark of an idea, it’s untethered and free floating. Storytelling is the process of identifying patterns and organizing them into a powerful, cohesive container.

3. Express

Your Story does no good if it lives in your head or in the top drawer of your desk. Most creative projects fail before they even begin. Here, action is everything. We give you the tools and the clarity to ignite your idea.


There is no greater agony than an untold story inside of you.

| Maya Angelou |